How To Turn An Unhappy Client Into A Loyal Client

May 6, 2022

Loyal clients are the lifeblood of every business. But what happens if one of your clients is unhappy? How do you turn the relationship and experience around?

Reviews are everywhere these days, Google and Facebook both provide real and easy to see what others think of a business. This has its upsides and its downsides! While it can show the world how wonderful your business is, it can also create a headache! Especially when you get one unsatisfied client determined to complain to anyone who listens.

What causes unhappy clients?

Poor client service is the primary cause of client complaints. Key areas of frustration include:

  • Miscommunication or lack of communication
  • Different service levels provided by different team members
  • Errors in handling client tasks
  • Slow or delayed service

And here’s the kicker, people are more likely to complain publicly if they believe that the business hasn’t resolved the issue to their satisfaction.

So, how do you turn an unhappy client into a loyal client?

While inevitably from time to time things will go wrong, clients are much more forgiving than you may think.

We have a saying in Admin Army:

It’s not usually the mistake that matters, it’s how you put it right.

Clients are always rooting for the business to do the right things and resolve the issues, and if you do it right you can create a more loyal client!

Our tips to turn it around

Here are the key things to action, when you’re faced with an unhappy client:


Listen to what your client has an issue with and make them feel like they’ve been heard. The client is not just looking for a solution, they want to feel like their complaint is actually going to make a change. Let them talk it out before providing a solution to the issue.

Respond quickly

Don’t leave a frustrated client hanging for too long. This only gives them time to get more annoyed and upset! A quick response can halve the problem.

Be sincere

Be sincere when you apologise. Take responsibility for the mistake if your team are at fault, it’ll make the process that much smoother.

Talk to your clients like a real person!

Be respectful, they are already annoyed. Talk through their issues in a relaxed manner and help them see that you understand their frustrations.

Solutions are GOLD!

The best solution is a  win-win. Find a solution that works for you and the client. It doesn’t have to be money, but it does have to be mutually agreeable.

Ask for feedback

Ask your clients if they are happy. They may not always tell you if the service was bad or if they didn’t enjoy their time using your product or service. So, check in them. A client feedback survey with the opportunity to win something is a great way to do this.

Making sure your unhappy client is handled in the right way, can create a more loyal client than you had before. It’s just a matter of being patient, listening to what they have to say and finding a solution that makes both them and you happy! Your client will be more likely to support you if someone else complains, if they had a happy outcome thus creating a more loyal client.

Do you need to spend some time on building your loyal client base?

Do you have a quality issue that needs your attention so you can turn your unhappy clients into loyal clients?

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