What should you outsource?

Aug 2, 2017

From time to time we all have things that get in the way of getting our business moving. You know, it’s those little jobs we tend to procrastinate, the jobs we would rather not be doing, and the jobs that take up too much of our valuable time, time that could be spent focusing on your business and development. Well lucky for you there are companies like Admin Army that allow you to outsource these tasks so you can get on with doing what you do best, running and developing your business, and having some well-deserved RNR!

However, it is not always easy knowing what you should outsource. So, we have come up with some simple ideas to help get you started, which by the end will hopefully get you thinking about how you can start to help yourself!!

Number 1. Outsource the things you hate!!

Common sense, right? Well, you’ll be surprised at how many people there are who don’t realise there are companies like us here at Admin Army that actually love doing the things you hate! For example, that weekly payroll, bookkeeping, case studies, your weekly newsletter, blog posts, the list goes on! It’s the things you tend to push aside until the end of the week when you just want to get home on a Friday night and spend some time with your family. The things you stress about but aren’t really worth the stress? These are all the things you can outsource, and in doing so, you have time that can be best used doing the more important things for you and your business.

Number 2. Outsource the things you cannot do yourself.

Admit it… you don’t know everything! You may know a lot, but not everything, and you know what? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! And even though it would be nice to know everything, we don’t always have the time to learn these extra things or have the emotional capacity to do so, especially when trying to run your own business. Some days your brain has reached maximum capacity. So why not outsource those tasks you’re not 100% confident on to an expert? You know you will get quality work back on time, all while expanding on your own expertise and becoming a pro in what you do know best.

Number 3.  Outsource those one-off things you don’t want to specifically hire someone for.

Jobs come up every now and then that we don’t necessarily have the time for, and instead of hiring someone and having all the added costs of another staff member, why not outsource that task to a virtual assistant like the team here at Admin Army? You can pay for a task that could take a couple of hours at an hourly rate instead of forking out for continuous employment costs? No brainer really.

Number 4. Outsource things you just shouldn’t be doing.

Look you have your own business, whether it’s a new business or a business that has been around for years, in this day and age things are consistently evolving, and businesses have to keep up with the ‘play’ if they are going to be or continue to be successful.  So, why not just focus on that? Concentrate on your business and its growth, instead of the admin tasks that take up too much of your important time. Imagine what could happen if you actually had time to do the things you have been planning for your business? Actually having the time to implement and succeed your goals. What will happen? Let’s just say you’re in for great business success.


Hopefully, this has helped and given you some idea of what tasks you can outsource to make life a whole lot easier on yourself. If you feel inspired check out our services to discover how we can help you take a load off your hands, so you’re focusing on the stuff that really matters.

If you’re not sure where to begin, check out our list of 101 things you can outsource to get you started.  Then, download our free what tasks should you delegate worksheet which you can work through to figure out where you can get the most bang for your buck to start with.

Should you hire a new team member or is it better to outsource to a specialist?

Our outsourcing business case template will help you decide.


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