The Admin Army crew are the SAS of the Admin World. A small, elite team of virtual assistants that always gets the job done, right. Our mission (and yes, we chose to accept it), is to help take care of the admin burden of running your business, so you can achieve your business goals and enjoy life.

Cast your mind back to the reason you started your own business… 

  • It might be because you were an amazing chef and you wanted your own avenue to share delicious flavours with the world
  • It could be because you love cars and you wanted to spend all day every day at your own car yard talking to people about cars
  • Or it may well be that you just wanted to be your own boss and the maker of your own destiny. 

Whatever it was, one this is for certain, you didn’t get into business to be stuck with the admin burden of running the business.  Whether it’s bookkeeping, payroll or even just general admin, you’ve got better things to be doing with your time!

The funny thing is that is exactly why Admin Army’s Managing Director, Irene, got into business.  Irene is passionate about helping small business owners get out from under their admin and redirect their time back to focusing on business growth. 

Whether you don’t want the overhead associated with bringing on a staff member specifically for your admin or you’re just looking for some extra assistance, our team are here to help. 

Based in Hawkes Bay and with everything in the cloud, location is no issue.  That's how we put the virtual into virtual assistance!

Still not sure?  See what our clients have to say about working with us!